RMS Titanic Milk Jug – recovered from wreck

RMS Titanic, 1912 (recovered 1996), Tom Rudderham Collection

Recovered from the Titanic wreck. Clear signs of damage from sitting on the sea floor for nearly 85 years. Stained pink/purple, and with embedded crustaceans.

This china pattern was known as “English Rose”, and was used exclusively on both the Olympic and Titanic. This milk jug was served alongside afternoon tea, typically between 4 and 5.30 pm in the first-class restaurant. Afternoon tea cost 2 shillings per person (the equivalent in today’s money of £5).

See bottom of the gallery below for an identical milk jug from the RMS Olympic, in pristine condition: 

  • RMS Titanic
  • 1912 (recovered 1996)
  • Artefact, Chinaware, Titanic Disaster, Titanic Expeditions
  • Chinaware
  • 401.001
  • 7.5cm x 6.5cm

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